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Den tekniska informationen har lämnats av Irish Ferries tekniska avdelning i Dublin och lämnas på Engelska.
Tekniska frågor utöver vad som anges här kan ej besvaras av Ferry Center.

Length Overall 182.5 metres
Length B. P. 173.97 metres
Breadth Overall 28.4 metres + 9m for Stabilisers (deployed)
Breadth Extreme 33.3 metres
Design Draft 5.8 metres
Scantling Draft 6.0 metres
Moulded Depth (Dk 5) 15.2 metres
Depth to No. 3 Dk. 9.4 metres
Speed 21.5 Knots
Gross Tonnage 34,031 tonnes {approx.}
Deadweight 5,192 Tonnes
Net Tonnage 10,748 Tonnes
Built Van der Giessen-de Noord
Krimpen aan den Ijssel, Rotterdam
Keel Laid 8th December 1995
Launched 4th October 1996
Class Cargo Lloyd's Register + 100 A1 - Ro/Ro Passenger
SCM,. IWS Vessel Lloyd's Ice Class 1A + LMC, UMS
Flag Irish
Call Sign E I D X
Trailer Capacity 122 x 16.2 metre units
Lane Meters 2,060 metres
Car Capacities 856 car units
No. Of Decks 11
Passenger Capacity 2,200
Crew Capacity 118
Berth Passengers 12 Deluxe
174 Standard
186 Total
Passenger Areas
Motorist Lounge Deck 7 418
Main Hall Deck 7 4
Side Lounge Deck 7 70
Irish Pub Deck 7 562
Veranda Deck 7 112
Restaurant Deck 8 299
Drivers' Restaurant Deck 8 58
Drivers' Lounge Deck 8 36
Hall Deck 8 6
Side Lounge Deck 8 70
Shopping Arcade Deck 8 175
Veranda Deck 8 96
Veranda Deck 9 164
Sky Lounge Deck 11 174
Total :   2244
Additional Passenger Features
Cyberzone Deck 8
Children's Playroom Deck 8
Disabled Cabins Deck 9
Luggage Room Deck 7
Fully Equipped First Aid Centre Deck 9
Duty - Free Shops Deck 8
Kiosk Deck 7
Deluxe Conference Centre  
Tank Capacities Heavy Fuel Oil 854 Tonnes
Diesel Oil 98 Tonnes
Lubricating Oil 113.8 Tonnes
Fresh Water 525.8 Tonnes
Ballast Water 2,776 Tonnes
Propulsion 4x Sulzer 8ZAL40S Main Engines;
Total output 24,000 KW
Consumption: 2.5 tonnes / hour @ 19 knots
Propellers - LIPS Diameter 4800mm
Hub Type/Dia. C/1400mm
No. of blades 4
Direction of rotation- outward over the top
Power Generators developing 3 x Sulzer 8,520 Aux. Engines, each
1,160 KW.
2 x Main Engine Driven Alternators, each developing 2,800 KW
1 x Emergency Alternator - developing 400KW
Bow Thrusters 2 x LIPS Controllable Pitch Bow Thrusters, ea 2,400 KW
Stabilisers 2 x Fincantieri Fin Stabilisers
Ro/Ro Equipment Clam Doors, Bow ramp, bow inner door:
Sterndoor (all hydraulic)
Two-tier loading through bow and stern doors on deck 3, and over stern on Deck 5, and through forward door on Deck 5.
One internal ramp for transferring cargo from Deck 3 to Deck 5, or vice versa.
40 Reefer container sockets.
Axle load: 15 tonnes both decks
Free height: 4.9 metres.
Winches 2 x Brohl Electric Driven Combined Anchor - Mooring Winches
Anchor: Max Pull - 348 KN
Mooring: Normal Pull - 1 Layer 150 KN
6 x Brohl Electric Driven Automatic Double
Drum Mooring Winches - 150 KM
Steering Gear 2 x Frydenbo Steering Gear
Type: HS 187 x 2S, 2 x 65o
Facility to steer and manoeuvre vessel from both port and starboard wing consoles (as well as centre Console), using both main engines, independent or synchronisedrudders and bow thrusters.
Rudders Flap 2 Becker Rudders With GSK Linked Super Y
Max Working Angle - 2 x 65o
Heeling System Pump 1 Electrically Driven Reversible Propeller
Make: Frank Mohn Capacity: 500 m3 / H
Bilge-Ballast-Fire System 2 x Electrically Driven Vertical Centrifugal

Ballast Pumps
Make: Hamworthy
Capacity: 150 / 200 m3 / H
1 x Electrically Driven Vertical Centrifugal
Emergency Fire Pump
Make: Hamworthy
Capacity: 90m3 / H

2 x Electrically Driven Vertical Centrifugal
Bilge / fire pumps Capacity: 150 / 90 m3 / H
Make: Hamworthy
Thermal Oil Plant Heater 1 x Konus Kessel Oil Fired Thermal Fluid
Capacity: 3600 kW
2 x Exhaust Gas Heated Thermal Oil Heaters
Make: Konus Kessel
Capacity: 1300 kW / Each
Alarm & Monitoring System Lyngso Basic Installation 4 Graphic Operator Stations
6 Outstations
2 Basic Alarm Panels
7 Acc. Alarm Panels
1 Annunciator Panel
2 Matrix Printers
6 Graphics
Lifts Make: Thyssen de Reus BV
6 Electric Passenger Lifts / Each 800 Kgs or 10 Passengers
1 Electric Service Lift / 800 Kgs or 10 Passengers
2 Electric Service Lifts / Each 1500 Kgs or 11 Passengers
Life-Saving 4 x Motor Driven 150 Man Lifeboats
2 x Motor Driven 65 Man Lifeboats
2 x 6 Man-Fast Rescue Boats
Life-Jackets: 2,915 Adults and children
4 x Marine Evacuation Systems each for 400
persons 44 x 50 person Inflatable Life-Rafts
CO² Fire Protection Engine-rooms, F.O.
Treatment Room and Galley Sprinkler system for internal accommodation Drencher system for vehicle Decks.
In addition, all equipment on board required by the Department of the Marine and Lloyd's Register, to fulfil the requirement of SOLAS 1974 and all subsequent amendments
General Fully air-conditioned
Jets vacuum sewage system



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